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Simgaroop ([personal profile] simlish) wrote2013-01-30 04:05 pm
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Heads up!

I just got two e-mails from Mediafire, telling me they have removed two files from my account:

- A hair I named "Pirate Hair", which I am 100% sure it's a re-texture from Nouk (a free mesh). I guess the confusion comes from its name "Pirate". Guess I will re-name it Nouk's Donna Hair in the future to avoid confusion.

- A recolor of a mesh from Shannanigan (TSR), which is also now free. And the mesh is not included in the file. 

I'm worried they are going to terminate my account because I now have "two strikes". 

Edit: Just contacted mediafire. Let's hope this works!
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[personal profile] hat_plays_sims 2013-01-30 10:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Try contacting Mediafire. If you let them know that you're actually legally allowed to share that content, they may put it back up and remove the strikes (I don't know, I haven't gotten any of the 'strikes' emails yet, but it's worth a shot). I mean, I keep telling everyone to try contacting Mediafire (it's not like switching to another host is safer if whoever's abusing the Report Abuse button realizes Box exists, too), but try contacting Mediafire. Can't hurt and might help.