Raon 98

Aug. 6th, 2011 10:22 am
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All Ages
Six Natural Colors
Mesh by Raon Included

Download Raon 98 for Females Here

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Rainy Day = Stay at Home Day = More Hair for your Simmies  ^_^

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Since I can't send you chocolate -actually, it was nearly impossible to find chocolate eggs today in this city. We were all craving some and I volunteered to get some from the store... big mistake :P- I made a couple Easter presents for you :)

Unfortunately, my mouse has been acting out lately, double clicking at random and creating chaos on my PC (damn mouse made my computer open a billion SimPe windows when I was organizing a folder and the machine nearly died), so I haven't been able to make new re-textures. Thus, my presents will be a bit different than usual.

I still have to take some preview pics for the "bigger" present, but in the mean time, here's a very simple fix of a hair I made a long time ago, Rose 90. The original hair is just fine, mind you, it just came out much lighter than usual (back then I was still learning how to make color actions) so I wasn't 100% fond of it (the Maxis red in particular looked like carrot orange IMO). Therefore, I just darkened the colors a bit. I think the hair looks much better now.

You can have both these and the lighter recolors, BTW, so I am not planning on taking them down.


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Back in September, I made these three hair retextures. However, when I'd quit the game after supposedly taking some nice preview pictures, I realized that somehow Gadwin shut down on its own, so all my work was lost.

I was so pissed that I didn't want to take the preview pictures again that night, so I just dumped the files in my LJ and forgot about these hairs for months.

I'm trying to update my Dreamwidth account (I've been neglecting it lately), so I'm going to post these hairs (two from Nouk and one from Newsea) with the original pics from their meshers as placeholders while I take some preview pics of my own. Hopefully soon.

Anyway, same deal as always, meshes included, six colors, bla, bla, bla.


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Eight new hair edits/recolors, all from meshes I really wanted for my new neighborhood.
The best part is that I am 100% sure all of them are low poly :)

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Mesh and textures by Nouk
All ages



Just in case you hadn't noticed it yet, it seems that this year I lost the ability to count days on the calendar and began my half-Advent one day earlier. However, I still have one more Days of Christmas entry for tomorrow, Christmas Eve ;).

Oh! And Cupcakeyy (my Santee) at Garden of Shadows liked her present! You have no idea how happy that makes me because I loved making the presents for this exchange. She's being generous and sharing them at the Secret Santa thread, which I encourage you to visit because it is the most amazing way to murder your Downloads folder each year! (Well, this time there's double murder with their Advent Calendar too!!).
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- Mesh by Pronup Sims.
- Alpha Edit by Waxesnostalgic @ Mod the Sims.
- Some textures that I added to smooth the hair a bit by Summerdream Sims.
- Teen to elder (I disabled the toddler and child ages because they were too wonky)

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All Ages
Mesh by Newsea
Textures by Summerdream Sims



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