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Simgaroop ([personal profile] simlish) wrote2011-08-06 10:41 am
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Small Announcement Regarding Simlish Creations

Due to financial issues (not too severe, but right now I'm not in the position to splurge on hobbies) I had to cancel both my Mediafire and Photobucket accounts for Simlish Creations. I was able to pay for both of them for almost two years, so I think that was a good run for a small Custom Content site :D

It seems that my Mediafire account was not affected by the downgrade, because most of my individual files are small (less than 5 Mb each) and I currently don't have so many downloads.

However, Photobucket locked my account due to bandwidth issues two days after I began my "cycle". I have no freaking idea why I have drained 10Gb worth of bandwidth in such a short amount of time (I hope no one is hotlinking my pics elsewhere), but this means that there won't be preview pics of most of my stuff until the 24th.

I am trying to upload my new pics on LJ Scrapbook from now on, but I won't go back and change ALL my pics because that would be insane.

I apologize for the inconvenience!

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