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Website:My ModTheSims Profile
I'm Simgaroop, a psychologist from Mexico who has been working in the Special Education field for the last seven years.

I've been playing the Sims games since the first one came out a long time ago, but I didn't become a fan until the Sims 2, whenI discovered the enormous creativity potential it has. Being part of the Sims community has allowed me to combine some my favorite hobbies into one: Gaming, reading, writing and even drawing!
If you've arrived here because you're interested in my custom content for the Sims 2, please read the following points:

This journal is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its licensors. All Rights Reserved.

- I hate restrictive terms of use in general, so feel free to share, distribute, edit, destroy, include with your sims or lots, display on pictures, etc.
- I created my files to have fun with my game, so I expect you to enjoy it too in your own game.
- Credit is not necessary at all (I think it's annoying to demand it for the Sims 2 custom content, because all of it is owned by EA after all), but if you share pictures of my files "in action", I'd love to get a link to them! (If you want to, of course).
- The only restriction I have is to NEVER UPLOAD MY FILES TO PAYSITES. I'm strongly against them (you could even say I'm pro-booty), so I want my stuff to remain free at all times. This is a hobby for me, not a business.
I have a pretty open policy regarding "friending". I love to meet new friends and fellow sim fans, so if you add me, I'll most likely friend you back (when I remember to check my LJ inbox). The only posts I have "locked" are the personal ones, so you can bet all my Sims content is publicly available all the time.

By all means, feel free to friend this journal, even if you're only looking for CC or are a terribly shy lurker who rarely comments like me.

For more information about my interests and so on, just take a look at... my Interests list! ;)

It's a pleasure to meet you all. And thanks for your visit!
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