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Simgaroop ([personal profile] simlish) wrote2011-08-20 09:33 pm
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Simlish Creations is 100% back in action!

Tonight, I used part of my Birthday money and some of my earnings to upgrade my Photobucket account to Pro, considering I ran out of bandwidth again in less than 24 hours. This time I went with a full year renewal because it is much cheaper than monthly payments in the long term (as I did back then) and this way I can forget about this issue until August 2012 :D.

So, yup, this site has all the preview pics back. I will even make a new banner to spice things up a bit. I changed the layout a few weeks ago and completely revamped the tag system (it's now a complete list sorted by categories on the right sidebar), so you can now easily find everything I've ever done.

I am not upgrading my Mediafire account, though. That would be too expensive for me and so far it hasn't been necessary. I just hope Mediafire never decides to add a timer for each download like 4share... that would be annoying and I'd definitely look for a new host then.

I really appreciate all your supportive messages after my last announcement, including your incredibly generous offers to host my pics. Thank you SO much, but don't worry, I'm sure this purchase is more than enough to keep this small site running from now on :).

Just *please* refrain from hotlinking my pictures. Pro account or not that is not nice at all (it is stealing in a way) and it's what forced me to acquire this upgrade. Thanks!

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