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Simgaroop ([personal profile] simlish) wrote2011-08-20 09:47 pm

Hair for Boys! Raon 43M, Sims 3 BG Mohawk, Generations Faux Hawk and Raon 7M S3 to S2

Four hairs for males with all ages enabled thanks to Trapping. It's possible you already have two of these meshes in your game, so I strongly suggest you replace those files with these new ones.

As always, textures by Summerdream Sims, six natural colors by me and the meshes (which are included) by their respective creators. The gray hair is linked to the black color.


(This one has to be replaced if you downloaded the previous version)



This was part of my CiJ present for [personal profile] voleste.
This also needs to be replaced if you want all ages!


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