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Simgaroop ([personal profile] simlish) wrote2013-03-04 07:03 pm
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To the Sims Community:

Thanks for the good times, guys. 
It's been a fun ride these five and a half years. When I joined the community, I was a freshly graduated girl working on her first job. You were with me when I applied for a scholrship in the U.S., when I won it, and during my adventures in a foreign country. 
I had a lot of fun sharing my pictures, my quirky fandom-ish episodes, my silly story and my attempts at figuring out Photoshop (and you have no idea how much my experience doing Bodyshop stuff is helping  when I design materials for my students/clients).
However, the interest in the Sims is long gone, to be honest. This has been coming for months, actually. So, it is time I sign out for good. 
I'm going to miss you all! Have a great time, wherever you are! 
(And enjoy the University EP tomorrow too!)
P.S. Everything I've done and created will stay online, of course. Hopefully, Mediafire won't play another prank on us!

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