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Simgaroop ([personal profile] simlish) wrote2013-01-30 04:05 pm
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Heads up!

I just got two e-mails from Mediafire, telling me they have removed two files from my account:

- A hair I named "Pirate Hair", which I am 100% sure it's a re-texture from Nouk (a free mesh). I guess the confusion comes from its name "Pirate". Guess I will re-name it Nouk's Donna Hair in the future to avoid confusion.

- A recolor of a mesh from Shannanigan (TSR), which is also now free. And the mesh is not included in the file. 

I'm worried they are going to terminate my account because I now have "two strikes". 

Edit: Just contacted mediafire. Let's hope this works!
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[personal profile] hat_plays_sims 2013-01-30 10:48 pm (UTC)(link)
There's a thread on GoS in Pixelated about it. I keep telling people to submit tickets, because at least that's uploaders asserting their innocence. Good luck! It can take a while. It's been eleven days and Aquilegia hasn't heard anything, but it was two weeks for Quintcia and I haven't heard of Mediafire ruling AGAINST Sims uploaders yet, so. The odds are in your favor!
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[personal profile] heget 2013-01-31 05:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Just got a bunch more. Yesterday I filed the ticket on the 7 files I knew I had emails about. Just now I got 8 more emails. I sent a ticket with EULA quotes and my statement of innocence, in a far more exasperated tone, under 'general questions' because hunting down the urls of each bum file is going to take me a while. And I have a feeling all of my mediafire links are going to be hit soon.
Frankly I don't care how long it takes mediafire to reply.