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Disclaimer: This is a present for the Secret Santa exchange at GOS that I made and sent three and a half months ago. This was a Super Secret Santa request, so it was done in a bit of a hurry, but I was pleased with the results.

Unfortunately, I never heard back from my Santee :( So, I've decided to share my files here now.

These are 18 recolors of the Holy Simoly Industrial Stairs using Pooklet's Natural Colors.
The set includes the recolors and the meshes (double, left and right).
The right and left meshes are edits by Untidyfan, who kindly edited them to make them repository.
This means that the right and left stairs now pull their colors from the double stairs.
If you have the original stairs by Holy Simoly, replace those meshes with the new ones!.

IMPORTANT: Untidyfan recently updated my request thread with a fix of the repositoried industrial stairs (right mesh). PLEASE REPLACE THE MESH IN MY ORIGINAL ZIP WITH THIS FIX!!!

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