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These were not made by me, but that doesn't stop me from pimping them on my site <3

I received my Christmas in July present last week. I was so happy, because my Santee, Sarang, made recolors of virtually everything I was hoping to have in my game like:

- Tons of Toddler clothing (PJs and Formal clothing)
- Formal Clothing for Children
- Formal Clothing for teen males and adult males
- Sofa recolors
- Toy recolors from Maxis Meshes
- The cutest set of Rugs ever!
- And even Pre-made Sims portraits.

I was SO spoiled this Summer! :)

Here's a preview pic:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wanna see/download the rest? It's right here:

Garden of Shadows Christmas in July Thread (direct link to Sarang's present)

- Thank you so much!
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Previous Entries:

Part 1 (Everyday Outfits)

Part 2 (Formals)

Five New Clothing Options for your Teen Sims Under the Cut )

And with this, I am done with this side project. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a neighborhood to re-build ;)

- Have fun!
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It's been a while since I last updated this "site". The following three entries feature basic "Pookleted" recolors for teenage sims. I hope some of you find these useful ^__^

Six New Everyday Options for your Teen Sims Under the Cut )

Meshes: CatofEvilGenius and Maxis
Color Actions: Pooklet

Coming up next: The formal outfits :)


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