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Belladonna Mall (Version 2) is a 3x3 community lot, with just the right size for all of us whose computers can't handle big lots. It includes 8 MB of custom content (Maxis recolors and a few clutter items mostly) all neatly sorted in a separate folder. Remember to place the folder in your Download's folder BEFORE you install the lot.

(I also made sure I included the required files for the Asian Fusion stuff, so there shouldn't be blue items this time)

Required mod: Lord Darcy's More Decorative Slots for Maxis Furniture. Thanks to this fix by Lord Darcy I didn't need to add a million magisplay trays to decorate the stores. If you don't have (or don't want to) install this mod, the lot will still work, but you'll probably find some clutter items on the floor the first time you load it.

Although seriously, you want this mod in your game. I love it to pieces! :)


Belladonna Mall
3x3 Community Lot
Fully Furnished (90% Maxis stuff)
- Karaoke Bar w/ Tea Room.
- Cinema.
- Food Court.
- Mini Market.
- Coffee Shop.
- Bridal Shop.
- Magic Shop.
- H&M Store.
- Hair Salon.
- Playground.
Play tested with my the games' highest settings on with no issues nor crashing.
Requires all the EPs up to Apartment Life and most of the SPs (FFS and GS are not required)

Preview Pictures and Download Link under the cut )


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