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These were not made by me, but that doesn't stop me from pimping them on my site <3

I received my Christmas in July present last week. I was so happy, because my Santee, Sarang, made recolors of virtually everything I was hoping to have in my game like:

- Tons of Toddler clothing (PJs and Formal clothing)
- Formal Clothing for Children
- Formal Clothing for teen males and adult males
- Sofa recolors
- Toy recolors from Maxis Meshes
- The cutest set of Rugs ever!
- And even Pre-made Sims portraits.

I was SO spoiled this Summer! :)

Here's a preview pic:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wanna see/download the rest? It's right here:

Garden of Shadows Christmas in July Thread (direct link to Sarang's present)

- Thank you so much!
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Cross-posted from my journal. For some reason I completely forgot to add this to Simlish Creations until now :S

By now you must be aware that my CC preview pictures are the laziest ones you've ever seen, right?

Ever since I downloaded Mixedup's Screenshot Background Rug, I became even lazier, because I no longer had to build a room or wall in front of which I had to place my "models". I now only had to plop my magic rug, place the sim on it and voila! Instant pretty preview!

However, I am now bored of using just white as my default background (because the black background hid my black hair recolors and the other three colors included with the original file were quite ugly), so I decided to recolor the screenshot rug in many bright, happy colors.

So I used Pooklet's actions for that purpose :). And I also included some other colors that I thought were missing, like a darker orange, red and green. This is really a very simple piece of CC, but now that I took some pictures of a sim for pixel_trade, I loved my new colorful screenshots.

Hence I'm sharing my express recolors with you :).

Under the cut you'll find more examples (modeled by the adorable Simbaa, made by [profile] upendoaushi for the Person Below me challenge):

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