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These were not made by me, but that doesn't stop me from pimping them on my site <3

I received my Christmas in July present last week. I was so happy, because my Santee, Sarang, made recolors of virtually everything I was hoping to have in my game like:

- Tons of Toddler clothing (PJs and Formal clothing)
- Formal Clothing for Children
- Formal Clothing for teen males and adult males
- Sofa recolors
- Toy recolors from Maxis Meshes
- The cutest set of Rugs ever!
- And even Pre-made Sims portraits.

I was SO spoiled this Summer! :)

Here's a preview pic:

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Wanna see/download the rest? It's right here:

Garden of Shadows Christmas in July Thread (direct link to Sarang's present)

- Thank you so much!
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These were made to match the Will Wright Doll House recolors I uploaded earlier this week.
Once again, the colors I used are based on Anna's gorgeous nursery recolors.
I did not make black, white, yellow and orange colors this time because those recolors are already included in the K&B SP.
However, If anyone wants these colors, I will make and upload them later in a separate RAR (to avoid repeats).

Please let me know if those of you who do not have
the Kitchen and Bath SP installed have issues with these recolors.

As far as I know, they should be able to show up with no problem with just the Base Game installed,
but I'm pretty sure I once read that EAxis modified the toy oven with K&B.
However, I can't find this info at MTS anymore.

Preview Pictures and Download Link Under the Cut )

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The Will Wright Doll House from the Base Game is not recolorable,
so you will need Snowstorm's recolorable mesh for these to show up
The colors I used are based on Anna's
(because I wanted these houses to match her gorgeous nursery recolors)

More Previews and Download Link Under the Cut )


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