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Keoni has received my present, and was also kind enough to share it at Garden of Shadows, HERE.

Included: Eight Asian inspired hairs (meshes by Rose and M&T Sims, alpha edited by Almighty Hat), a set of adorable little girl pigtails by Trapping and a bunch of Maxis and Custom Facial Hair recolors in my six colors :)
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Since I can't send you chocolate -actually, it was nearly impossible to find chocolate eggs today in this city. We were all craving some and I volunteered to get some from the store... big mistake :P- I made a couple Easter presents for you :)

Unfortunately, my mouse has been acting out lately, double clicking at random and creating chaos on my PC (damn mouse made my computer open a billion SimPe windows when I was organizing a folder and the machine nearly died), so I haven't been able to make new re-textures. Thus, my presents will be a bit different than usual.

I still have to take some preview pics for the "bigger" present, but in the mean time, here's a very simple fix of a hair I made a long time ago, Rose 90. The original hair is just fine, mind you, it just came out much lighter than usual (back then I was still learning how to make color actions) so I wasn't 100% fond of it (the Maxis red in particular looked like carrot orange IMO). Therefore, I just darkened the colors a bit. I think the hair looks much better now.

You can have both these and the lighter recolors, BTW, so I am not planning on taking them down.


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Man, I don't know why Gadwin screwed this preview up so badly!
I apologize.


Mesh NOT included
Get it HERE

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Just the four basic colors this time
(due to technical difficulties AKA SimPe ate the bright red and dark brown recolors)

Alpha Edit by me.


Rose 70

Jun. 16th, 2010 06:06 pm
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EDIT: Fixed on June 18, 2010. Please re-download.



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