Dec. 27th, 2011

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What it says on the tin :)

I went through The Sims 3 Generations EP files and extracted a bunch of icons (for t-shirts, for example), paintings, signs and posters. Hope those of you who like to make Custom Content find them useful.

It's a RAR with transparent PNGS. I already cropped and rotated them for easy use.


I'm working on the Pets EP right now. If I have time, I'll go through Late Night later.

Have fun!
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Did you really think I'd forget about one of my favorite Christmas traditions? ;)

(Click me!)

I also uploaded a little present (a set of manly eyebrows by Fanseelamb, recolored) at the Garden of Shadows' Masses of Men Theme HERE

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Yessss... I was finally able to make default replacements of those ultra tacky tops from the Base Game!
How much I loathed those neon skulls, specially because a lot of my townies wore them!
Unfortunately, all the defaults I'd found of this mesh were complete overhauls, and I prefer texture replacements and/or mesh improvements.
CatofEvilGenius' mesh replacement is pretty neat (she made the top untuckable and even added a pregnant morph), but unfortunately she kept the original textures from the BaseGame.

I was able to combine her mesh replacement with new, extremely simple re-textures (using Aquilegia's linen texture and CuriousB and Aelia's colors).
I kept the original maxis solid colors. I only replaced the neon sheer tanks and the horrible neon skulls. I also replaced the gothic black top, so if you want it back you'll need to edit my file with SimPe.

You can only have one default at a time so please REMOVE any other default (including CatofEvilGenius' original file) if you want to have my recolors.

- CatofEvilGenius - Mesh replacement
- Aquilegia - Linen texture
- Aelia and CuriousB - Colors

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Keoni has received my present, and was also kind enough to share it at Garden of Shadows, HERE.

Included: Eight Asian inspired hairs (meshes by Rose and M&T Sims, alpha edited by Almighty Hat), a set of adorable little girl pigtails by Trapping and a bunch of Maxis and Custom Facial Hair recolors in my six colors :)

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