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The main changes are:
- There is a new road the surrounds the original lots from the Road to Nowhere. I called it the "Loop that leads to Nowhere". Notice that the Loop is the only way to cross from one side to the other of the Road to Nowhere.
- Added a couple small roads to divide the rectangle created by the loop into sections for easier management of the space.
- Added a road that leads into the huge crater behind the Beaker's house. I am going to build a lab in there, but it could also be a good hiding spot for your aliens.
- Speaking of, the biggest change is the small crater to the far east from the Nigmos' house. There is space in there for a 3x3 lot and it's going to be a secret lot for my story. In my crazy mind, that's the spot where the alien enemy race, the Vlorgians, first landed when they arrived to Sim Earth.

I have never shared a terrain before, so I hope I am doing this correctly. I do not know how to make those fancy terrain pictures, though, so you only get the SC4 file. It works in game and you can use it in these two ways:
1. As a standalone neighborhood (you'll want to add a picture for your neighborhood later)
2. As an expansion for Strangetown. This is how I am using it. I created an empty Strangetown (the original one with all the deco and lots) and then a new neighborhood with my terrain. Then, I used this program, the Hood Replacer, to transfer the new roads and craters to the original Strangetown (I suggest you to uncheck both the "lot" and "decoration" options, because I forgot to do the later one so I had to add the deco my myself and building that circle or rocks with the head shaped one is a pain in the butt.). It was extremely easy and according to the program description you can do this even with a populated town, but I'd suggest you to back up your game first. Oh, the only thing you'd need to fix if you go through this route is to move the Road to Nowhere 88 community lot a bit to the left because it'll now be crossed over by one of my new roads, but it is easy to do.

I think this is all the info you need. Enjoy the hood!


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