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And with this entry, I am done re-creating the Sims 1 versions of the Sims 2 Pleasantview's families.

Next stop in my Predecessor Project: Strangetown! :P

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This is the 3rd part of my Sims 1 and 3 characters' project. I was not going to continue with this project for now, but a comment from [profile] selenecorvino inspired me to tackle this again. She linked me to an entry in the Wikia with a link to zip created by someone named Callista that contained cleaned and extracted versions of pretty much every single dead pre-made character from the Base Game. I told her I would try them out and, considering I had a free afternoon today, I did it earlier than expected :D

Thank you so much, [profile] selenecorvino! This project has become easier than ever thanks to your link. The characters work all right, by the way, because they are cleaned clones. They are safe to use and I tried them out in both Bodyshop and in-game.

So, with these extracted characters as my base, I set to work on the next Sims 1 families from Pleasantview. I think that once I'm done with these I'll move on to Strangetown :D.

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Not really. I just took advantage of my sudden Bodyshop inspiration and completed the Broke family from the Sims 3. After all, my Legacy is based on the Brokes, so it was only fair that I included Skip's side of the family too.

This is likely the last piece of CC I share for a while, if only because I can barely stand my mouse anymore. Even playing the game is annoying because it keeps double clicking and canceling the queued actions. Grrr! And let's not talk about the annoyance that was making the hair recolors for Flo and Flat Broke :P

Just like my previous entries, these sims come with default eyes and skin tones, so their looks will depend on the replacements you have installed (I guess that the more MM they are, the better, specially considering the makeup I used for them). There is a tiny issue with Flo and Flat Broke that will be discussed below and there's a surprise "Sims 1.5" family in this entry too! :)

Obviously, Ruby and Skip are not part of this entry. You can download them in my previous post.

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Finally, here are a couple suggestions if you want to play with these Sims as they were "meant to be" by Maxis:

- Sadly, I am not sure someone has re-created Sunset Valley or Riverview for the Sims 2. I don't blame them, because it seems like an insanely large task O_o .

- However, the Wikia mentions that Riverview *may* be the predecessor of Riverblossom Hills (from Seasons) and that Sunset Valley eventually became Pleasantview. If you use an empty version of these hoods and place the "Rabbit Holes" as Neighborhood Deco that CuriousB created a couple months ago, it'd be easier to have your version of the Sims 3 hoods. I know there's a version of the Bachelor's house at MTS (but it requires a lot of CC), as well as the Main Square from Sunset Valley.

- However, if you want to play the Sims 1 version of Pleasantview, things will be much easier for you. Madame Mim at Genesims re-created the WHOLE Sims 1 hood, complete with terrain, characters and lots (which come empty or inhabited, and with several choices according to the Eps you have installed in your game).

- Finally, in case you want more Pre made character predecessors, Bog Sims has a lot of extracted characters, like Darleen Dreamer and all of Olive's dead husbands. Look for them in the Bodyshop/Genetics section. And a great source of extracted Premade characters is [profile] maxis_taste (At LJ)

- Enjoy!

(And if you know of other sources of Sims 1 and Sims 3 conversions, I'd love to have the link to them! :) )

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Goodness, making the previews for this present took forever with my wonky mouse *shakes fists in anger*, but I'm finally done with them! :)

The second, and largest, part of the Easter present consists of the final versions of the Sims 1 and Sims 3 characters I've made for my portraits and flashback scenes. After a long, long time, I am pleased with my characters :).

All these sims come with default skins and eyes (so they will look different according to the defaults you have installed in your games), with the exception of two of them. I tried to use as many BG meshes as possible to ensure compatibility. These sims also include new clothing pieces I recolored just for them and my first attempt at making an eye color :)

Note: Michael Bachelor is not included in this entry. He was created by skellington7d (at LJ) and can be downloaded here (I only turned him into a teen for the family picture. His clothes are from TSS Stuff Pack).

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Whew! This entry took forever!
Please have fun with these sims! :)


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