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These are all the files I have finished since I opened my request post. Thanks again for the ideas and inspiration! It is so nice to realize that although the Sims 2 is not as prolific as it once was, there are still a lot of things to do for us CC creators :)

What you will find in this entry:

- Coolsims 37 (Retexture/Natural Colors/Mesh by Anto/All ages)

- Coolsims 84 (Retexture/Natural Colors/Mesh by Anto/All ages)

- Vulcan Hair for females (Maxis textures/Natural Colors/Unnatural Colors/All Ages/Mesh by NixNivis)

- Romulan Hair for females (Maxis textures/Natural Colors/Unnatural Colors/All Ages/Mesh by NixNivis)

- Vulcan Hair for males (Maxis textures/Natural Colors/All Ages/Mesh by NixNivis)

- Romulan Hair for males (Maxis textures/Natural Colors/All Ages/Mesh by NixNivis)

- Ghanima A. XM Sims Lilith Edit (Retexture/Natural Colors/Teen to Elder/Mesh by XMSims)

- Peggy "Choppy" hair (Retexture/Natural Colors/All ages/Mesh by Peggy)

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This download is organized as a catalog/directory (sort of like the Booty). Take a look at the pictures, note down the name of the files you want, and download it at the Mediafire folder I set up for this project. I have a Pro account, so there shouldn't be any issues with this modality.

Please excuse the inconvenience, but otherwise I am not sure when I would have been able to complete the preview pictures.


- Most of the Meshes are included (please see notes under the cut).
- Useless ages deleted with SimPe
- Six Natural Colors by me
- The code I use when labeling my hairs is: 1. Black, 2. Dark Brown, 3. Brown, 4. Bright Red, 5. Maxis Red and 6. Blond.
- Dread Textures by Nouk/Pooklet (for the meshes that I retextured)
- Braid texture by Ninika (for the Dark Lady Braid Mesh Retexture)
- The MCContesse Plait mesh is only for toddler and child.

If you have any trouble, please let me know!

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(The hair is now much shorter. I also recolored it)


XM Sims 33

Feb. 21st, 2010 03:42 pm
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- Six Natural Colors.
- Textures by XMSims.
- Mesh by XMSims included.
- Toddler to Elder (Grey included in the black file)
- Compressed, binned and linked.

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Mesh by XMSims (Toddler to Adult)
Re-Textured by Ephemera
Colors by Me

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Like many, I'm a huge fan of [personal profile] kinemortophobia 's creations, from her lovely eyes to her awesome hair re-textures. In fact, I was inspired by her when I started making custom content, for she was the first one that re-textured stuff with Ninika/Chokelate/[personal profile] summerdream textures back in the day (as far as I know, of course).

Therefore, I've been using her hair edits for quite a long time :). However, considering that too much of a good thing is not bad at all in this case, I decided to make some extra-recolors that complement her original sets. Just the two reds (the orange-Maxis one and the crazy bright one I love) and the two browns (light and dark). All the files are clearly labeled and are not directly linked to Phobia's (because these are just add-ons).

. There's no black, blond or light blond files either, because I still use Phobia's in my game :) I will link you to the original sets (which include the meshes, BTW) instead.


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Mesh by Flora (XM Sims) included
Hair texture by Summerdream Sims (Neena Needles) recolored by me.
Teen, YA and Adult Only.
Six Natural Colors
You know the rest ;)

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Mesh by Flora (XM-Sims).



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