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Hey, I never uploaded this set here!

I've just noticed it after recovering the file from Jeeks (thank you so, so much!), which was taken down by Mediafire during their crazy Sim file deleting spree (according to Support, it was a bug).

Anyway, this a simple set of recolors of Shannanigan's Sexy Secretaries mesh from The Site that Really shouldn't be mentioned... at all. Color actions by Aelia, mesh included.


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These were not made by me, but that doesn't stop me from pimping them on my site <3

I received my Christmas in July present last week. I was so happy, because my Santee, Sarang, made recolors of virtually everything I was hoping to have in my game like:

- Tons of Toddler clothing (PJs and Formal clothing)
- Formal Clothing for Children
- Formal Clothing for teen males and adult males
- Sofa recolors
- Toy recolors from Maxis Meshes
- The cutest set of Rugs ever!
- And even Pre-made Sims portraits.

I was SO spoiled this Summer! :)

Here's a preview pic:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wanna see/download the rest? It's right here:

Garden of Shadows Christmas in July Thread (direct link to Sarang's present)

- Thank you so much!
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I really love Garden of Shadows, because it constantly motivates people to create innovative stuff, no matter your skills or experience.

Unlike the other big sites, GOS still considers the Sims 2 Community pretty much alive, even two years after the release of the Sims 3. Who needs Maxis/EA when we still get the equivalent of whole EPs/SPs worth of nice quality and amazing stuff each month (with the themes, for example)?

I am so glad with my experience this Summer with the Christmas in July exchange. Both the present I got from Sarang and the opportunity to create for voleste were amazing and very fun. I hope I have the time/opportunity to participate next time :).

So, since Voleste has kindly shared her present at GOS, I'd like to send you guys there too: This is her post at the CiJ thread.

Due to space constraints, I sent her small preview pictures of the things I made, squishing three hairs or fours posters per picture. Below you'll get to see the original pictures, including both the hairs and the full sized posters :) 

I. Harry Potter Posters

Dumbledore's Army (Well, part of it)
Recolor of the Civic Idol Poster from the Base Game.
Credits: Black0rchid for the location (Fairy Town aka Hogsmeade), Wicked Poppies for Harry and Hermione (all the Sims used had their CC changed to be more Maxis Matchy), Cloudlessnights for the Uniforms, Voleste herself for Luna's hair.

Read more... )
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This is a large set of dresses for female children that I made a long, long time ago, waiting for when I'd stop being lazy and make the previews a special occasion, like my 500th LJ post :P.

These dresses are so old that Pooklet's new color actions weren't available when I made them. Oh well, I hope you find them useful anyway! :)

There are three versions of this dress: Aelia colors, Pooklet colors and inverted Pooklet colors.

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Previous Entries:

Part 1 (Everyday Outfits)

Part 2 (Formals)

Five New Clothing Options for your Teen Sims Under the Cut )

And with this, I am done with this side project. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a neighborhood to re-build ;)

- Have fun!
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It's been a while since I last updated this "site". The following three entries feature basic "Pookleted" recolors for teenage sims. I hope some of you find these useful ^__^

Six New Everyday Options for your Teen Sims Under the Cut )

Meshes: CatofEvilGenius and Maxis
Color Actions: Pooklet

Coming up next: The formal outfits :)


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