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Yessss... I was finally able to make default replacements of those ultra tacky tops from the Base Game!
How much I loathed those neon skulls, specially because a lot of my townies wore them!
Unfortunately, all the defaults I'd found of this mesh were complete overhauls, and I prefer texture replacements and/or mesh improvements.
CatofEvilGenius' mesh replacement is pretty neat (she made the top untuckable and even added a pregnant morph), but unfortunately she kept the original textures from the BaseGame.

I was able to combine her mesh replacement with new, extremely simple re-textures (using Aquilegia's linen texture and CuriousB and Aelia's colors).
I kept the original maxis solid colors. I only replaced the neon sheer tanks and the horrible neon skulls. I also replaced the gothic black top, so if you want it back you'll need to edit my file with SimPe.

You can only have one default at a time so please REMOVE any other default (including CatofEvilGenius' original file) if you want to have my recolors.

- CatofEvilGenius - Mesh replacement
- Aquilegia - Linen texture
- Aelia and CuriousB - Colors

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Did you really think I'd forget about one of my favorite Christmas traditions? ;)

(Click me!)

I also uploaded a little present (a set of manly eyebrows by Fanseelamb, recolored) at the Garden of Shadows' Masses of Men Theme HERE

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I like the shape of these pajamas, but I wasn't very fond of the colors and textures, so I used these neat recolors to do defaults. (She's one of the two creators I love from the Site that should not be mentioned). Male sims get the solid pajamas on each pair, while the female sims get the patterned counterpart.

Tip (and this is the reason I turned these into defaults): If you download Cocomama's Texture Referencing Conversions, these pajamas (and recolors) will also be available for your teen sims :D. (Female Conversion and Male Conversion)
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Also known as the extremely tacky vest top from Nightlife. You know which one I'm talking about right? Neon vests, color plastic choker, the incredibly tacky star necklace in a couple of them? Worst of all, there are SIX of this monstrosities in our game and are available for teens and adults. Ugh, I hate them so much!

However, there's someone who has been able to turn this mesh into something actually nice, and that is Fanseelamb. I love her "Justin Vests", and these were the reason why I didn't end up downloading a mesh replacement. These were also the reason why I learned to make replacements too!

So, you can finally get rid of the tacky neon vests and replace them with these cozy sweaters with vests. The replacement will work for adults AND teens! And you want to know the best part of this deal? If you download Fakepeep's conversions of these vests for children , they will also show up with these textures as well. So now all your male sims can go down the street sporting matching sweaters and vests this winter! :D

(Images by Fanseelamb. I only mashed them together so you could see what you're getting)

(Nightlife Required)


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