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Back in September, I made these three hair retextures. However, when I'd quit the game after supposedly taking some nice preview pictures, I realized that somehow Gadwin shut down on its own, so all my work was lost.

I was so pissed that I didn't want to take the preview pictures again that night, so I just dumped the files in my LJ and forgot about these hairs for months.

I'm trying to update my Dreamwidth account (I've been neglecting it lately), so I'm going to post these hairs (two from Nouk and one from Newsea) with the original pics from their meshers as placeholders while I take some preview pics of my own. Hopefully soon.

Anyway, same deal as always, meshes included, six colors, bla, bla, bla.


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Eight new hair edits/recolors, all from meshes I really wanted for my new neighborhood.
The best part is that I am 100% sure all of them are low poly :)

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Mesh and textures by Nouk
All ages



Just in case you hadn't noticed it yet, it seems that this year I lost the ability to count days on the calendar and began my half-Advent one day earlier. However, I still have one more Days of Christmas entry for tomorrow, Christmas Eve ;).

Oh! And Cupcakeyy (my Santee) at Garden of Shadows liked her present! You have no idea how happy that makes me because I loved making the presents for this exchange. She's being generous and sharing them at the Secret Santa thread, which I encourage you to visit because it is the most amazing way to murder your Downloads folder each year! (Well, this time there's double murder with their Advent Calendar too!!).
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Pooklet's "dread"textures, Six Natural Colors (Mine), binned and all that jazz.

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Look! I actually Pookleted a hair! ;)

(I may not use her regular textures in my game, but I LOVE her "dread" textures, as seen in my previous attempts to edit Nouk's meshes)

Six Natural Colors (Mine), binned and all that jazz.

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This download is organized as a catalog/directory (sort of like the Booty). Take a look at the pictures, note down the name of the files you want, and download it at the Mediafire folder I set up for this project. I have a Pro account, so there shouldn't be any issues with this modality.

Please excuse the inconvenience, but otherwise I am not sure when I would have been able to complete the preview pictures.


- Most of the Meshes are included (please see notes under the cut).
- Useless ages deleted with SimPe
- Six Natural Colors by me
- The code I use when labeling my hairs is: 1. Black, 2. Dark Brown, 3. Brown, 4. Bright Red, 5. Maxis Red and 6. Blond.
- Dread Textures by Nouk/Pooklet (for the meshes that I retextured)
- Braid texture by Ninika (for the Dark Lady Braid Mesh Retexture)
- The MCContesse Plait mesh is only for toddler and child.

If you have any trouble, please let me know!

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I think this has quickly become one of my favorite hairs ever :)
Toddler to Elder
Mesh included

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Like many, I'm a huge fan of [personal profile] kinemortophobia 's creations, from her lovely eyes to her awesome hair re-textures. In fact, I was inspired by her when I started making custom content, for she was the first one that re-textured stuff with Ninika/Chokelate/[personal profile] summerdream textures back in the day (as far as I know, of course).

Therefore, I've been using her hair edits for quite a long time :). However, considering that too much of a good thing is not bad at all in this case, I decided to make some extra-recolors that complement her original sets. Just the two reds (the orange-Maxis one and the crazy bright one I love) and the two browns (light and dark). All the files are clearly labeled and are not directly linked to Phobia's (because these are just add-ons).

. There's no black, blond or light blond files either, because I still use Phobia's in my game :) I will link you to the original sets (which include the meshes, BTW) instead.



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